Lauri Ahola

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Hope Arises USA

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Bio: Graduate of BYU Marriott School, Lauri has been involved in a number of different entrepreneurial projects. During school, Lauri was a Crocker Innovation Fellow while pursuing a Strategy degree, with a minor in philosophy, and won several entrepreneurial competitions, including Miller New Venture Challenge (out of ~250 companies) and made Top 40 out of 1,200 companies in the International Business Model Competition. Since school, Lauri has been a key player in a number of different startups, including Chatbooks, BioZone Scientific (sold), and DoorStep Dating (sold). He is currently working as a Management Consultant for the U.S. Federal Government.

Drivers: These beautiful children have a special place in my soul–my heart melts as I see the light in their eyes when they learn new things and take yet another step in breaking the cycle of generational poverty.