Hope Arises Ramani Pahar

Hope Arises Ramani Pahar Ramani Pahar village is located in Ramu Police Station in Cox’s Bazar district. The village is inhabited by a large population of 26 000 people. Population density is very high. Many ethnic back grounds are represented in the village and the school: The Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists.

Ramani Pahar is a village located 150 kilometers from the nearest major city. In these rural villages 98% of the population is illiterate. Being far from the city, improvements in living conditions are very marginal. Most household have no electricity. There are no schools or colleges available nor transportation for children to any school.

About 94% of the population in Cox Bazar district earn less than $1.90 a day and hence live below the poverty line. Due to these circumstances, the parents nor the children have ever had the opportunity for education because there are no schools in these rural villages. These are the major contributor for the stronghold that generational poverty has on these families.

Hope Arises Bangladesh’s vision is to empower the children and their families by providing them education, health education, nutritious school lunch and health education.

Hope Arises Bangladesh’s mission is to provide education for the most marginalized children to break the bands of poverty. Hope Arises Bangladesh takes a holistic approach to helping the children by providing access to education for the mothers for the first time in their lives. The families are greatly marginalized by their inability to read or write. They are vulnerable to deception.

Hope Arises Ramani Pahar School includes 49 child students between 4-8 at age and 19 mothers. In Bangadesh many children are force to child labor to provide for their means. To counter balance the need for child labor, Hope Arises provide each child a nutritious mean a day. This in turn helps the fathers who often are the sole