Ilkka Aura

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Hope Arises ry, Finland, Member of the Board, Hope Arises International, Inc.

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+358 45 634 5252

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Bio: Ilkka is a retired telecoms professional with 35 years of experience in international business. Ilkka graduated at the University of Tampere with Masters degree in accounting sciences. Ilkka has works for both large publically traded multinational as well as for star-ups ramping their business up from first 20 people to industry dominance. Ilkka has overseen commercial operations with customers in 60 different countries and enjoyed leading teams with 30+ nationalities.

Drivers: I know that I was not born in Finland with abundance of safety and material blessings due to my own merits. Also know I did not received all the possibilities to pursue my dream and opportunities to advance my educational desire due to my own merits. My desire now is to help those who were born in less fortunate circumstances to learn, to provide for themselves and their families, to chance their dreams, to pursue their educational desires and reach their fullest potential in life and as personalities.