James Simul Mollick

Head Teacher, Hope Arises Schools

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+880 17 180 1469

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Education & Training

My name is James Simul Mollick. I am 35 years old. My childhood was no so happy. My father was a day laborer and mother was a house wife. Our family did not have much income. They did not always have good food. The school was three kilometers from my house. I used to walk to and from school every day. Sometimes i would go to school without eating , sometimes we had to go without food. I didn’t have a school bag, i didn’t have good clothes. Many times i would go to school barefoot. My friends to laugh when they saw me. When friends eat tiffin i drink water and fill my stomach.  Not only me but many friends like me had this condition. I was a good student. But could not study much due to lack. poverty engulfed us. I felt very helpless. I have prayed to the creator that no one should suffer as i have suffered. So i promise i will establish that school if i get the chance. The students of the school should get all kinds of facilities. No one should be upset. Everyone should be educated and highly educated and in a good position. May all the sorrows of the family be sorted out.