Education, Health and Nutrition

Construction of Hope Arises Ramani Pahar commences

We are delighted to announce the decision to establish Hope Arises School in Ramani Pahar village in Cox Bazar district. Ramani Pahar is a large village with 29 000 population. The illiteracy rate in these rural villages is as high has 92%. Poverty has been present in the lives of these children and their parents for generations. 94% of the population in the Cox Bazar district live below poverty line. This means that they have less income than USD 1.90 per person per day. Hope Arises has the vision change the situation one child at a time.

The new school has 49 child students with Muslim and Hindu ethnicity.  To assist the families holistically Hope Arises Rahami Pahar will also provide access to education for 19 mothers. One of the major hindrance for children to attend school is their need to earn their own food for the day in child labor. To motivate the parents to send their children to school, Hope Arises Rahani Pahar will provide a nutritious school lunch for each child every day.

We invite you to join us in helping the most marginalized children and families  With your help and cooperation we can go a long way. We trust in your generosity now and in the future to provide these most deprived and neglected children a brighter future.