Health and Nutrition

Providing Health Care to Every Child and Mother

The vision for Hope Arises Schools is to be a catalyst for good by empowering the children and their parents to act for themselves rather than being acted upon.

Hope Arises Schools organizes semi-annual health camps at its schools. The day includes providing a basic health check up, providing as needed basic medication, and at COVID-19 times face masks. Equally important is to provide preventive health and hygiene education and educational material. Every month Hope Arises schools provides it students personal hygiene supplies like soap, tooth paste and tooth brush.

The children and their mothers are also provided a lunch and enjoyable time learning together. The health care program is for the students and their siblings and mothers and serves on average 100 people per medical camp at the cost of 200 euros or 2 Euros per participant.

With a little funding from Hope Arises Schools, the village comes together to organize the event with various health care professionals volunteering and contributors providing their specific skills free of charge for the benefit of the entire village.