Students at Hope Arises Satgar Para
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Successful academic year 2023 ends with high note

Academic year 2023 ended successfully as all the children passed the placement test and all 212 students advanced to the next grade. The students are tested on the national curriculum and tests are based on the policies of the Ministry of Education.

The students are tested on monthly basis on tests designed by the teachers and three times a year on the principles of national assessments. The students take these tests on Bangla, Mathematics, English, Social Sciences, and General Sciences. The grading scale is percentage based.

Grade Scale          U.S. Grade Equivalence

60-100                  A

50-59                    B

40-49                    C

33-39                    D

0-32                      F

The score for the Hope Arises students varied from high 80’s to low 50’s. Not one of the students failed the assessment test.

Hope Arises students manifested great desire to improve their skills and acquire additional knowledge. On average the students’ month-to-month attendance remained above 95% throughout the academic year. Progress in learning and skills improved during academic year 2023 excelled that of the previous year.

Hope Arises Schools academic year begins in January and runs through December. It consists of two semesters of instruction. The language of instruction is Bangla.

Hope Arises Schools are accredited by the Ministry of Education which is responsible for implementing education policy and regulations in Bangladesh. The local board of education also provides the text book and other learning materials.