Health and Nutrition

Community Health Days

The Hope Arises Community Health Days tour has continued at Satgar Para and Ramani Pahar villages after the monsoon season ended. Community Health Days addresses the medical needs of our  students, siblings, mother and time and funds allowing community members. The medical services include doctor’s check ups, over-the-counter medication and health education.

Rash, skin irritation and even lacerations were the most common health challenge after the hot and humid monsoon season.

Heightened blood pressure was detected in several mothers due to hard labor and lack of sufficient volumes of pure drinking water in the village. Because water makes up about 73% of the human body, staying hydrated plays an important role in regulating blood pressure. Also, pregnant mothers received specialized care and counselling.

Hope Arises Schools Satgor Para is seeking funding for a pump and a deep pipe well to provide clean water for the community.