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Education plays a vital role in preventing child marriages

Child marriage is truly a grave issue in Bangladesh, with 59 % of the girls getting married before the age of 18. According to UNICEF, Bangladesh has the highest rate of child marriages in South Asia. Child marriage not only deprives girls of their childhood but also exposes them to various health risks and domestic violence. It also hinders their education and limits their future prospects.

Education plays a vital role in stopping child marriages in Bangladesh.

1.                        Birth certificates: Birth certificates play a crucial role in preventing child marriage by providing proof of age and helping to enforce laws that prohibit child marriage. Schools can join forces with the parents and other like-minded organizations to ensure that each enrolled student has a valid birth certificate.

2.                        Education and Awareness: Schools can educate students about the consequences of child marriage and raise awareness among parents and the community about the importance of education for girls. Schools can organize workshops to discuss the negative effects of child marriage and encourage students to report any instances they witness.

3.                        Empowerment of Girls: Schools can empower girls by providing them with education and life skills training. This will enable them to make informed decisions about their lives and careers. Educated girls are less likely to get married at an early age and are more likely to become agents of change in their communities.

4.                        Sensitization of Parents and Community: Schools can organize awareness campaigns for parents and the community about the importance of education for girls and the negative effects of child marriage. They can also involve local leaders and influential people in the campaign to create a more significant impact.

5.                        Support Systems for Vulnerable Students: Schools can identify and support vulnerable students who are at risk of getting married at an early age. They can provide them with counseling and support to continue their education and resist early marriage.

These initiatives can help create a more enabling environment for girls to continue their education and contribute to society, which will have a positive impact on the overall development of the country.

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