Education, Social impact

Can you sense the curiosity for learning and feel the pain the children feel for not having access to education to shape their future?

We desperately need your help to expand current four schools and establish new schools.

Here are our out-of-school friends from the neighboring Murapar village. The Bangladeshi government does not the funds to build schools in the countryside and the children are deprived of even the most basic education.

Please meet the beloved children from the right: 1) Armina Akter, whose father is an agricultural day laborer in the near by rice pads and farms, 2) Bappi Moni, whose father is also an agricultural day laborer, 3) Imam Hassan, whose father is a small farmer, 4) Rafiq, whose father is also a small farmer and 5) Raqeeb, whose father is a day laborer.

The work on a small farm or as day laborer provides adequate income only seasonally according to the agricultural calendar. At other times, poverty is ever so present in the family’s life. Even the smallest of costs like school uniform, exam fees or small admissions fees prohibit the families to keep their children at school even if one would be available.

Hope Arises schools provide its students completely free of charge basic education, learning materials, school means, personal hygiene supplies and health services.

Please join us now in our endeavor establishing additional school.
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